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Hier nur ein Auszug aus der Diskografie von Pete York:

2013   Pete York & Young Friends (Basiecally Speaking)

2005      Pete York Projects (Extensions 345 Live – rec. 1974)

2004      Spencer Davis Group (Live in Manchester 2002)

2004      Sessions With Jon Lord (Beyond The Notes)

2002      Spencer Davis Group (Compilation: Time Seller)

2002      Spencer Davis Group (Live In Europe `73 – Living In A Back Street)

2001      Spencer Davis Group (Compilation: Mulberry Bush)

2001      Spencer Davis Group (Compilation: Mojo Rhythms & Midnight Blues, Vol.1)

2001      Spencer Davis Group (Compilation: Mojo Rhythms & Midnight Blues, Vol.1)

1997      Hardin & York (Live in The 70`s)

1997      Spencer Davis Group (…alive `97 - Paying Them Blues Dues)

1997      Sessions With Jon Lord (Pictured Within)

1996      Spencer Davis Group (Compilation: Eight Gigs A Week – The Steve Winwood Year)

1995      Hardin & York (Still A Few Pages Left)

1995      Spencer Davis Group (Catch You On The Rebop)

1994      Hardin & York (Live)

1994      Pete York Projects (Swinging Hollywood)

1994      Hardin & York (Live At The Marquee)

1994      Pete York Projects (Superblues)

1994      Spencer Davis Group (Compilation: Taking Out Time)

1990      Pete York Projects (Super Jam)

1983      Pete York`s New York (String Time In New York)

1981      Pete York`s New York (Hardin & New York)

1981      Pete York`s New York (Open Road)

1981      Pete York`s New York (What`s The Racket)

1980      With Eberhard Schoener (Events)

1980      Pete York`s New York (Into The Furnace)

1979      Chris Barber (Swing Is Here)

1979      Chris Barber (Echoes Of Ellington)

1978      Chris Barber (Class Of `78)

1977      Sessions With Jon Lord (Sarabande)

1977      Chris Barber (Sideways)

1975      With Klaus Doldinger & Passport (Jubilee `75)

1975      With Eberhard Schoener (Bali Agung Vol.3)

1975      With Eddie Guitar Burns (Detroit Blackbottom)

1975      Various Artists (American Blueslegends `75)

1975      With Eberhard Schoener (Bali Agung Vol.2)

1975      With Big Johm Wrencher (Big John`s Boogie)

1975      With Homesick James (Home Sweet)

1975      With Eberhard Schoener (Bali Agung Vol.1)

1974      With Eddie Playboy Taylor (Ready For Eddie)

1974      With Cousin Joe (Gospel Wailing)

1974      Various Artists (American Blueslegends `74)

1974      With Klaus Doldinger & Passport (Jubilee Concert)

1974      Sessions With Jon Lord (Windows)

1974      Spencer Davis Group (Living In A Backstreet)

1974      Hardin & York (With Charlie McCracken)

1973      American Blues Legends (Reissue)

1973      With Mickey Baker (Take A Look Inside)

1973      Spencer Davis Group (Gluggo)

1972      Pete York Projects (The Pete York Percussion Band)

1972      The Mighty Flea (Let The Good Times Roll)

1971      Hardin & York (For The World)

1970      Hardin & York (World`s Smallest Big Band)

1969      Hardin & York (Tomorrow Today)

1968      Spencer Davis Group (With Their New Face On)

1968      Spencer Davis Group (Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush)

1966      Spencer Davis Group (Autumn `66)

1966      Spencer Davis Group (The Second Album)

1964      Spencer Davis Group (The First LP)



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